Geocaching is quickly becoming a mainstream hobby.  The first geocache was hidden and found in 2000, and now, just a little over a decade later, there are hundreds of thousands–if not more–of geocaches hidden and found on a daily basis all over the globe. These interactive online maps show geoaches in the US and abroad. Just enter a location to see nearby caches:


Map #1: OpenCaching.com map by Garmin:
This map was created by Garmin, the GPS maker. This map is one of the largest opencaching sources available. If you have a geocaching blog, you can use the API for free to get a geocaching map on your site that your readers can use.

Map #2 OpenCaching.US by Hobbyists
This map was created by avid geocachers who want geocaching information to be freely available to anyone who wishes to participate in the fun! This site displays nearby and most recent geocaches and uses an open API.

Map#3: GoogleMaps and Geocaching.com
This map holds the highest number of geocaches currently available online. Many geocachers are trying to use alternative maps because this site charges users to access their own information. Access to the map and caches is free, however. This site has an API, but users are told to pay for it after two uses.

Every hunt begins with the question, “What geocaches are located in my area?” There are many maps on the internet that show cache locations worldwide. Here are a few that have many options–and, for avid geocachers, more than one map is good–once you’ve found all the caches within a mile radius on one map, you can move on to the next map.